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HAPPY NEW YEAR and R.I.P. to my buddy Penny Marshall

First of all, may 2019 bring about bountiful blessings of health, prosperity, happiness and smiles for us all!

Well, it has been over a year since my last blog!  Boy have I been lazy when it comes to keeping up with this thing or what?! 😉  But I thought this was a perfect time to check in, say hi, wish you a great 2019, and pay homage to my late friend and good buddy, the legendary Producer/Director/Actress Penny Marshall!

I met Penny around 11 years ago after her late brother Garry sent her a copy of a screenplay I had co-written.  Imagine my surprise one day to pick up the telephone to hear the all-too-familiar voice of "Laverne" on the other end of the line.

Penny - "Hello Byron?"

Me - "Yes, speaking....." (thinking to myself, is this who I think it is?)

Penny - "This is Penny Marshall.  My brother sent me your script.  I read it and I like it.  Can we get together and talk about it?"

Hmmmmm....what was I gonna say, "No"!?!? 😃

A few days…

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